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Real Ezy Hose Reels are manufactured by Tradesales, a family owned business which has owned Real Ezy industrial hose reels since 2002. These Hose Reels are manufactured in Western Australia and distributed widely across Australia.

Tradesales supplies the mining, fuel & oil, pressure cleaning and fire fighting industries, distributing these hose reels throughout Australia and as far as New Zealand and Indonesia.

Real Ezy's range of heavy duty hose reels include fire hose reels, air hose reels, hydraulic hose reels, manual hose reels, electric hose reels and more.

Why Real Ezy?

Real Ezy hose reels come in many configurations to suit your specific needs, including custom hose reels. Our goal is to provide quality industrial hose reels that are rugged and tough and can be custom built to suit your requirements, and a service that is second to none. Whether you need manual rewind, spring rewind or electric rewind hose reels, Real Ezy can build it.

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Hose reels

Our products are popular across Australia, New Zealand and even as far as Indonesia, owing to their high quality construction and many practical applications. Among the companies that we supply are a large number that are involved in the mining and fuel & oil industries. We are also proud to supply fire-fighters all around the country with our reliable products and work closely with firms in the pressure cleaning field to meet their specific requirements. Whether you are looking for spring rewind, electric rewind or manual rewind models, we have many different styles and sizes of reel from which to make your choice. If none of these are exactly what you are looking for then we will be happy to discuss producing a custom design to meet your needs. With our experience in producing durable products for industry, we pride ourselves on being able to manufacture some of the very best retractable hose reels in the business. Although the emphasis is always on quality, value for money is not forgotten and we are more than happy for prospective customers to look around and see if they can find similar products to the ones that we supply, at a cheaper price.

Your needs

The most important thing to us when dealing with a new client is to ensure that we fully understand their needs and what it is that they require of us. Once this has been established we can then either recommend a product from our existing range or work with the client to design a new one that does everything they want. The types of hoses that can be used with our reels include those designed for water, fuel, air, oil and grease. This means that whatever business a particular company is involved in, we are sure to have a selection of heavy duty hose reels that are of interest. Any firm that would like to discuss their requirements in more detail should feel free to contact us on the telephone number provided. Alternatively, you can complete and submit the simple form under the Contact Us section and we will get in touch as soon as possible. Although it is true that every company likes to blow their own trumpet, we can honestly say that we are confident of being able to help any prospective customers that let us know their needs, and provide them with the very best service possible.

Safety first

As a supplier to organisations involved in various different industries, including fire-fighters, we understand the importance of safety at work. All our products are subject to a stringent quality control process that includes comprehensive testing of all parts. Because of this, our customers can be sure that when they purchase retractable hose reels from us they will be getting a product that they can rely on. Air lines left trailing across the floor due to a faulty reel can be a major hazard in an industrial environment so we make sure that the retraction mechanisms on all our models are in excellent working order before dispatching them to our clients. Local customers may make an appointment to inspect our production facility if they have any concerns regarding safety or quality control and we can assure them that their concerns will be put to rest during such a visit. The wellbeing of our employees and all those in other companies that use our equipment on a daily basis is extremely important to us and we are very proud of our track record. Firms involved in all lines of business will not find a better option when sourcing heavy duty hose reels.

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